Yes, I gave in…

I finally got my own blog. After resisting for so long, I figured…why not have a place I can play and invite my friends over to play. It’s a lot more accessible than MySpace, and well…quite frankly, I think it’s rather pretty!

I have some big plans for this place. First, I will decorate as I go. I need to get the feel of a place before I put my stamp on it. I plan to do some rambling. LOL…I’m really good at rambling! Watch out because I have been known to express an opinion or two.. 🙂

I might post some excerpts if the mood takes me. I definitely plan on some competitions. Prizes…yes, you prize junkies…something for nothing. I find that is always a drawcard..hehehe

Every now and then I will have a play date and invite my friends to come and join me. That should be fun too.

And for all the writers out there, I will be posting some writing related articles as well.

Something for everyone.

Oh, nearly forgot…pictures of near nekkid men.

It wouldn’t be a blog of an erotic romance author without them!


So come one, come all…read away, leave comments…join in the fun!



  1. Very cool, Maggie. Thanks for putting up a link for me. Good luck with the blog!

  2. Thanks for the link, Maggie. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. Thanks Melanie…I put you there..

    Heather…well you are the master…I am the pupil when it comes to blogs!

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